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Patient Group & Survey

You may or may not be aware that in 2012 we set up a Patient Representation Group (PRG) to help us consider areas in which our service could be improved. This group meets to discuss outcomes of national and local surveys about our service and develop an action plan to address issues raised in those surveys. It also discusses progress against the previous year's action plan. the minutes of the last meeting are below:

Minutes of the Patient Group Meeting on 14th December 2017 1pm


Present: Dr J Roberts, M Eddy, C Frith, J Borer, M Hodgkinson, C Brockbank,



  1. Changes in Staffing and surgery


The surgery team has seen some changes over the past year in particular within the nursing team where Sally Riley and Angela Coburn have joined the team to replace Shelagh and Jane who have retired. Sally will focus on Respiratory care and Angela on Diabetes care whilst both will also perform the full range of treatment room functions. Jacob Snochowski will join the team in January to increase capacity within our Health Care Assistant team.

The practice has made significant investments in the surgery infrastructure over the past year with the installation of a new boiler and a full refresh of interior décor and flooring at St Mary’s. We have now also started a programme of refurbishment at our Staveley branch


  1. Review of the latest GP National Survey results


The results of the national survey were discussed in detail and were found to be very positive once again. The indicator regarding how helpful patients found our receptionists did score lower than average over the last year. Possible reasons for the drop in this were considered to be the slightly increased waiting times we have experienced with appointments due to demand recently and potentially the clarity of messages regarding blood results. It was agreed to review the latter to see if this could be improved and also to increase awareness of the option of viewing results online as an alternative. The group was pleased with the high score relating to continuity of care as this was still felt to be a critical element of GP care. The results for accessing the practice by phone were also felt to be very positive some 25% above the national average. Whilst this was extremely positive the practice outlined its intentions to try to improve phone access further by moving some contacts to an electronic platform using Emis Access.  


  1. CCG Commissioning of OTC Medicines & Gluten free products


The CCG had asked practices to explore the opinions of our patient groups with regard to a proposal that patients should buy gluten free products rather than receive them on prescription. The group agreed that availability and cost of these items in the supermarkets had significantly improved in recent years and was therefore supportive of this proposal. Furthermore given the current financial climate in the NHS the group was supportive of proposals for a review of prescribing of some OTC medications. This opinion will be fed back to CCG commissioners.



  1. ICC Development and Community Steering Group


As Lead for Grange & Lakes Integrated Care Community Mr Eddy outlined the role of the ICC and how it would like to engage with the local community. He also advised that Cumbria County Council were currently developing a Community Steering group in Windermere and potentially had funding available to support local projects. The group were interested in this so future meetings will be circulated to members


  1. AOB


Mrs Brockbank raised concerns that The Abbey Residential home in Staveley had recently advised it would no longer provide meals for Staveley residents Meals on Wheels service. Whilst we could not directly influence the decision of the Abbey it was agreed that Mr Eddy would speak to his ICC team to explore alternative to provide this valuable service.



The practice thanked the members for attending the meeting and the meeting closed at 2.15pm




Patient Group & Survey
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