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Responsibilities & Privacy Notice

The Practice will endeavour to always offer services to our patients that comply with or exceed NHS standards
The care of your health is a partnership between yourself and the Primary Health Care Team. The success of that partnership depends on an understanding of each other’s needs and co-operation between us.
All matters relating to you, together with any information held on record at the Practice, are treated with complete confidentiality by the Primary Care Team and its staff. The duty of confidentiality owed to a person under 16 is as great as the duty owed to any other person. All patients can expect that their personal information will not be disclosed without their permission except in the most exceptional circumstances, when somebody is at grave risk of serious harm.

The practice is registered with the Information Commissioner and all your data will be treated in line with our registration under the Data Protection Act.
Your rights as our patient also involve responsibilities to us -
  • Please treat all surgery staff with the same respect and courtesy you would expect yourself.
  • Do not ask for information about anyone other than yourself
  • Tell us of any change of name or address, so that our records are accurate
  • Please be punctual, but be prepared to wait if your own consultation is delayed by an unexpected emergency
  • Please give adequate notice if you wish to cancel an appointment. Someone else could use your appointment!
  • An appointment is for one person only – where another member of the family needs to bee seen or discussed, another appointment should be made and the Medical Record be made available.
  • Patients should make every effort when consulting the surgery to make best use of nursing and medical time – home visits should be medically justifiable and not requested for social convenience
  • Please allow sufficient time for your consultant’s letter or the results of any tests to reach us
  • You will be advised of the usual length of time to wait
  • Use the tear off slip to request your repeat prescription whenever possible. Please attend for review, when asked, before your next prescription is due
  • Violent or abusive patients will not be allowed to remain on the premises, steps may be taken to remove such a patient from the practice list, and prosecution may be undertaken
Suggestions, Complaints or Compliments

Do let us know whenever you feel we have not met our responsibility to you. We would, of course, be pleased to hear when you feel praise is due as well. The Practice welcomes any comments or suggestions that could improve the standards of care. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care please contact our Practice Manager, Mr Michael Eddy, who will look into your concerns, using the complaints procedures. 


How Dr Winter-Barker & Partners uses your information to provide you with healthcare

This practice keeps medical records confidential and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.
We hold your medical record so that we can provide you with safe care and treatment. 

We will also use your information so that this practice can check and review the quality of the care we provide. This helps us to improve our services to you. 

We will share relevant information from your medical record with other health or social care staff or organisations when they provide you with care. For example, your GP will share information when they refer you to a specialist in a hospital, or your GP will send details about your prescription to your chosen pharmacy. 

More information on how we share your information with organisations who are directly involved in your care can be obtained by contacting the practice

Healthcare staff working in A&E and out of hours care will also have access to your information. For example, it is important that staff who are treating you in an emergency know if you have any allergic reactions. This will involve the use of your Summary Care Record or locally agreed EMIS Shared record. For more information see: or alternatively speak to your practice. 

You have the right to object to information being shared for your own care. Please speak to the practice if you wish to object. You also have the right to have any mistakes or errors corrected. 
Other important information about how your information is used to provide you with healthcare
Registering for NHS care

All patients who receive NHS care are registered on a national database. 

This database holds your name, address, date of birth and NHS Number but it does not hold information about the care you receive. 

The database is held by NHS Digital, a national organisation which has legal responsibilities to collect NHS data.

More information can be found at: or the phone number for general enquires at NHS Digital is 0300 303 5678

Identifying patients who might be at risk of certain diseases

Your medical records will be searched by a computer programme so that we can identify patients who might be at high risk from certain diseases such as heart disease or unplanned admissions to hospital. 

This means we can offer patients additional care or support as early as possible. 

This process will involve linking information from your GP record with information from other health or social care services you have used. 

Information which identifies you will only be seen by this practice.

More information is available from the practice. 



Sometimes we need to share information so that other people, including healthcare staff, children or others with safeguarding needs, are protected from risk of harm. 

These circumstances are rare. 

We do not need your consent or agreement to do this. 
Please see our local policies for more information which are available on request

We are required by law to provide you with the following information about how we handle your information.

Data Controller contact details:
Dr Winter-Barker & Partners
St Mary’s Surgery
Ambleside Road
LA23 1BA
Tel: 015394 88484

Data Protection Officer contact details
Michael Eddy
St Mary’s Surgery
Ambleside Road
LA23 1BA
Tel: 015394 88484

Purpose of the processing
  • To give direct health or social care to individual patients. 

For example, when a patient agrees to a referral for direct care, such as to a hospital, relevant information about the patient will be shared with the other healthcare staff to enable them to give appropriate advice, investigations, treatments and/or care.

To check and review the quality of care. (This is called audit and clinical governance).

Lawful basis for processing

These purposes are supported under the following sections of the GDPR:

Article 6(1)(e) ‘…necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority…’; and 

Article 9(2)(h) ‘necessary for the purposes of preventative or occupational medicine for the assessment of the working capacity of the employee, medical diagnosis, the provision of health or social care or treatment or the management of health or social care systems and services...”  

Healthcare staff will also respect and comply with their obligations under the common law duty of confidence.

Recipient or categories of recipients of the processed data

The Practice will share data with relevant organisations and individuals as listed below but only with a lawful process condition to do so:
healthcare professionals and staff in this surgery;
local hospitals;
out of hours services; 
diagnostic and treatment centres; 
or other organisations involved in the provision of direct care to individual patients. 
Our patients
Family, associates and representatives of the person whose personal data we are processing
Current, past or potential employers
Healthcare social and welfare organisations
Suppliers, service providers, legal representatives,
Auditors and audit bodies
Educators and examining bodies
Research organisations
People making an enquiry or complaint
Financial organisations
Professional advisors and consultants
Business associates
Police forces
Security organisations
Central and local government
Voluntary and charitable organisations

Rights to object

You have the right to object to information being shared between those who are providing you with direct care. 

This may affect the care you receive – please speak to the practice. 

You are not able to object to your name, address and other demographic information being sent to NHS Digital. 

This is necessary if you wish to be registered to receive NHS care.

You are not able to object when information is legitimately shared for safeguarding reasons. 

In appropriate circumstances it is a legal and professional requirement to share information for safeguarding reasons. This is to protect people from harm. 

The information will be shared with the local safeguarding service based at Cumbria County Council

Right to Automated Decision Making

We undertake automated decision making activities and we will gain your explicit consent and will implement suitable measures to safeguard your rights as a data subject

Right to access and correct 

You have the right to access your medical record and have any errors or mistakes corrected. Please speak to a member of staff or look at our ‘subject access request’ policy on the practice website 

We are not aware of any circumstances in which you will have the right to delete correct information from your medical record; although you are free to obtain your own legal advice if you believe there is no lawful purpose for which we hold the information and contact us if you hold a different view.

Retention period

GP medical records will be kept in line with the law and national guidance. Information on how long records are kept can be found at: 
or speak to the practice.

Right to complain

If you have a complaint about the Practice we will use your information to communicate with you and investigate any complaint.  Please note that the complaint will not form part of your health care record.  Please contact:
Michael Eddy
St Mary’s Surgery
Ambleside Road
LA23 1BA

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office. If you wish to complain follow this link or call the helpline 0303 123 1113

Data we get from other organisations We receive information about your health from other organisations who are involved in providing you with health and social care. For example, if you go to hospital for treatment or an operation the hospital will send us a letter to let us know what happens. This means your GP medical record is kept up-to date when you receive care from other parts of the health service.

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